Our Story

Gold Dirt Distillery is named for our breathtaking Rocky Mountain location in Rollinsville, Colorado. Prospector, businessman, and founder of Rollinsville, John Q. A. Rollins held many mining claims, but few produced as prolifically as his handful of standby claims that he dubbed the Gold Dirt Mines. Our distillery is located right in the thick of the Gold Dirt mining area, and this rich history has inspired us to strike our own path.

We are realizing this inspiration by building Gold Dirt Distillery to share our vision for a family business. Judd broke out of the auto industry. Rather than focus entirely on making car parts, he spent a large chunk of the last decade studying, fermenting things, and seizing every opportunity to legally tinker with a still. Chrissy has been honing her already awesome design and marketing skills, mothering our incredible little guys, and bringing home the bacon. Together we have created Gold Dirt Distillery to follow our dream of making a living crafting spirits and sharing our libations with visitors.

Our vision is to concentrate on the high level of artistic experimentation enabled by our small, craft stature. Using this ethos we are making compelling spirits that are truly distinctive while remaining rooted in historical styles. There will be a constant flow of new and interesting spirits, both liquid and otherwise, at Gold Dirt. We have reimagined historical cocktails and punch recipes that we love with our innovative spirits, and we look forward to pouring them for you. Come up to Gold Dirt Distillery and raise a glass with us!